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Posted-9/29/2003 5:54:08 PM

So, you thought Livid was just about the music? Well, you’re wrong! With only two weeks to go until the 2003 Livid tour kicks off, here’s the run down on a whole heap of other stuff you can look out for at Livid 2003.

There’s heaps more to do at this festival, when you’re not checking out the best line-up of bands on offer at a festival this summer. This year Livid is featuring SKATE DEMOS and BREAKDANCING at each show.

Skating has been a part of Livid since 1995, but this year’s skater line-up is the best yet!

Joining the Festival along the East Coast will be one of the legends of skating, Swedish-born Ali Boulala. A member of the infamous ‘PD’ Crew, Boulala helped to revolutionise skating, while at the same time earning a place as one of the most popular skaters in the world. The recent Finnish Open Skateboarding Champ is sure to be a highlight in a day filled with them!

Joining Ali will be “The Man In Black”, Alan Petersen. One of the most dominant forces in skating today, this Californian has seven magazine covers and numerous video parts to his name, not to mention a reputation as one hell of a skater.

The next international skater on the Livid bill is none other than Chris Pastras. This San-Fran based skater has been an influential figure in the sport for years now, and he’s known for his no-fear approach to his home town’s very hilly geography. When he’s not flying down steep roads at breakneck speed, Chris is still heavily involved in skating, recently reviving Stereo Skateboards.

At just 21 years of age, Jerry Hsu is one of the few skaters today really pushing the boundaries of technical skating. Coming from the San Jose 'Tilt Mode' crew, Jerry has exploded onto the skate scene in the past few years with tricks and a clean style the few possess.

Clint Peterson has just turned pro for Consolidated and has a bright future in skateboarding... he can skate all terrain with clean style and some burly tricks. Watch out for this guy cause you never know what he's going to do next!

International skaters are all well and good, but how do the locals stack up? See for yourself as each different Livid hosts a heap of Kwala’s best local skaters.

And then there’s the BREAKDANCING. This year Livid will again have a break stage in each city with a huge line-up of bboys and bgirls and some other awesome talent including Maya Jupiter (Chan [V]) and Triple J fave MC Trey who will both be performing at the Sydney show.

Rather than a competition style stage like last year, in 2003 it’s all about showcasing bboy and local hip hop talent, programmed by local folk in the know.

For all the info about what’s on at which show – read on…

Sydney, Saturday 11 October

NetMD Walkman Break Stage

The Sydney NetMD Walkman Break Stage will be just a hop and a jump away from The Annex, and will showcase the best local DJs, MCs and Breakers.

The lovely Maya Jupiter and MC Trey will be the local ladies taking to the stage. Robotek and Chief Rockers will provide the soundtrack to some of Sydney’s best breakers, including Caramell Dancers and Breakaway Dancers, fresh from competing at the Battle Of The Year. Other hip hop and breaking stars making appearances on the day are Brethren, Idiot Proof, NBD Crew, Seven Dollars, Nick Toth, DJ Nacho Pop, MC Mistery, SKB and the Freakazoids.

Kwala Skate

Joey Lyons, known for his technique, will be skating alongside another Joey, Joey Dodd, known for his speed while flying off stairs or railings. Also on the Sydney team are Justin Wong, a little guy who’s certainly not afraid to tackle big moves, the multi-skilled Ben Ventress, who can pretty much do anything while making it look so easy, and Jai Smith, a young Sydney skater with a big future ahead of him.

Melbourne, Sunday 12 October

Break Stage

The Melbourne Break Stage will also be the scene of some mighty fine action. On the mics will be Lyrical Commission, Weapon X (the co-frontman of Triple J Victorian Unearthed winners Fizard). On the floor will be the crew formerly known as SubSonic, the Funky Regulators, going head to head with The Fresh Sox crew in a freestyle bboy battle. And don’t forget the MC Battle between Melbourne’s 10 finest MCs. The Break Stage will be hosted by Out 4 Fame’s Andrew Montell.

Kwala Skate

Melbournites should keep out of the way of Chris Wood, who has a habit of completely destroying any obstacle he feels could help him with a new move. Also appearing will be the fast-improving Sally Clark, known for her smooth, technical skating. Raw power is the best way of describing fellow Melbourne skater James Kennedy, joining one of Australia’s true skating veterans, Blake Convey. Blake has been a regular feature in Australian skating mags since he was a kid, but he’s not giving up anytime soon! This man is as good now as he’s ever been! Morgan Campbell is a hard man to track down – he can only be described as a nomadic skater. Livid has managed to pin him down in Melbourne, so make sure you see him while you can. Last but certainly not least will be Ben Ventress, who will back up from his Sydney showcase the day before to impress the Melbourne crowds.

Brisbane, 18 October

Break Stage

Back again are Livid crowd favourites Gravity Warriors, who took out the Livid X Games title in 2002. Featuring DJ Bacon, one of Brisbane’s best DJs, on decks, and Liones on mic, the duo will provide the perfect soundtrack to the Warrior’s gravity-defying moves, featuring six of Australia’s most innovative DJs. They will be joined by fellow breakers Illusions Crew.

If you thought you’d mastered skipping in primary school, you couldn’t be more wrong my friend! There’s a level of skipping that goes far beyond Grade 5 level, as worldwide skipping superstars Cleveland Air Magic will demonstrate with their dynamic double dutch stylings. It’s enough to inspire you to grab your mates and a couple of ropes and brush up on your old skipping chants.

As well as all these very athletic people, the breakdance stage will feature a number of local DJs and MCs.

Formed out of hip hop crew Decipher, DNO, Raman and 2Dee are well-known among local hip hop circles, as are One Too Many Crew featuring Miss Brown. Fresh new faces on the bill are Emcyte and Halfkast, who’ll get to hone their skills in front of the Livid crowd.

Kwala Skate

Super fast is the only way of describing Scott Shearer’s skating style, so make sure you don’t get in his way! The awesome Jay Musk will also be in attendance, as well as Cam Holling, who is the best skater in the country for his age, and with good reason. Making his Livid debut will be 11 year-old Jackson Pilz. Don’t call him a grommet though – he’s not afraid to go up against the older guys! Another youngster is Woody Butwilowsky, who’s got talent far beyond his years, as well as a nice little bag of tricks to draw from, as does Jesse Shulkins, who despite his small size, isn’t afraid to tackle anything. And if you’re in Brisbane and annoyed because you don’t get to see Ben Ventress, don’t be – he’ll be in town for this demo!

Apart from catching some of the best international and local skaters around, you can also say g’day to them, get their autographs and have a chat.

And you’ll get to catch one of the finest musical line-ups you’re likely to see to boot!

The Livid Kwala Skate Demo 2003 – defying gravity since 1995.

Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane

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