LIVID # 1 - SAT 21ST JAN 1989 - UNIVERSITY OF QLD Go Betweens, Chris Bailey, Ups and Downs, Died Pretty, Great Ceasars Ghost

LIVID # 2 - SAT 2ND DEC 1989 - RNA SHOWGROUNDS TISM, Pop Will Eat Itself, Died Pretty, Hummingbirds, The Bats

LIVID # 3 - SAT 23RD JUNE 1990 - HAROLD PARK HOTEL The Fall, Redhead Kingpin, The Bats, Tactics, Falling Joys, The Reels, GW McLennan, Sea Stories, The Clouds, Dave Graney & The Whie Buffalos, Whipsnap, Crystal Set, The Riptides

LIVID # 4 - SAT 8TH DEC 1990 - RNA SHOWGROUNDS TISM, Mudhoney, Jack Frost, Died Pretty, Falling Joys, Xero, The Clouds, Fear Of Falling, Dan Mullins, John Kennedy

LIVID # 5 - SAT 30TH NOV 1991 - DAVIES PARK, WEST END Ratcat, The Wonderstuff, The Clouds, Hummingbirds, Not Drowning Waving, Caligula, Tellers, The GeneÕs

LIVID # 6 - SAT 12TH DEC 1992 - DAVIES PARK, WEST END Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Michelle Shocked, Lush, The Clouds, The Cruel Sea, Died Pretty, SuperChunk, Def Fx, Welcome Mat, Tumbleweed, Meanies, Smudge, Dave Graney, Caligula, Screamfeeder, Custard, You Am I, Rubber Bug, Grim Reapers

LIVID # 7 - SAT 9TH OCT 1993 - DAVIES PARK, WEST END Siouxsie & The Banshees, Beasts Of Bourbon, Ween, Andy Prieboy, Ed Kuepper, The Clouds, Falling Joys, Tumbleweed, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists, Headless Chickens, Cosmic Psychos, Robert Forster, Caligula, Dave Graney, You Am I, Underground Lovers, Dream Killers, Smudge, Head Like A Hole, Fur, Budd, Front End Loader, Chopper Division, Rubber Bug, Midget, Melniks, Clag

LIVID # 8 - Sat 8th Oct 1994 - DAVIES PARK, WEST END Beastie Boys, Helmet, Frank Black, Buffalo Tom, Superchunk, Tumbleweed, D.I.G, Meanies, Tiddas, Crow, Hoss, Def Fx, Chalk, C.O.W, Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes, Undergrond Lovers, Kim Salmon & STM, Pangaea, Dreamkillers, Spiderbait, Powderfinger, Trout Fishing In Quebec, Dream Poppies, Hateman, Skunkhour, Blow Hard, Magic Dirt, The Dirty Three

LIVID # 9 - SAT 25TH NOV 1995 - DAVIES PARK, WEST END Rollins Band, The Cruel Sea, Babes In Toyland, Morphine, You Am I, NoMeansNo, Alex Chilton, Paw, Magic Dirt, The Mark Of Cain, Even, Frenzal Rhomb, Grant McLennan, Lizard Train,Bodyjar, Lewd, Nunchukka Superfly, Screamfeeder, Fireballs, Glide, Spiderbait, Front End Loader, Custard, Webster, Elevation, Toothfaeries, Supergroove, Skunkhour, Kellie Lloyd, Small World Experience, Two Star Club, Isis, Fabulous Nobodies, Kev Carmody, Bernard and Darren (Powderfinger), Jello Biafra

LIVID # 10 - SAT 5TH OCT 1996 - DAVIES PARK, WEST END Garbage, silverchair, Everclear, The Jesus Lizard, Weezer, Regurgitator, Ash, Tumbleweed, Powderfinger, Tiddas, The Mark Of Cain, Ammonia, Toothfaeries, Snout, Turtlebox, Crop Circles, Blwo Hard, Precision Oiler, Fireballs, Lyngren, Gaslight Radio, Trout Fishing In Quebec, Dream Poppies, Mr Blonde, ISIS, Civ, Out of The Mud, Insurge, Pollyanna, Louis Tillett & Charlie Owen, Ben Lee, Black Eyed Susans, Cool CHick Cabaret, Shock Fungus, Tim Steward

LIVID # 11 - SAT 4TH OCT 1997 - RNA SHOWGROUNDS Devo, Dinosaur Jr, Cake, Powderfinger, Veruca Salt, Spiderbait, Ben Folds Five, Reef, Ween, Sneaker Pimps, Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes, Bloodhound Gang, Lewd, Aquanaught, Ammonia, Webster, Pangaea, Millencolin, Screamfeeder, Sidewinder, Shihad, Tomorrow People, Bodyjar, Grinspoon, Zenigeva, The Porkers, Not From There, Bulldozer, The Superjesus, Strapping Young Lad, Tylea, Steve Kilbey, ZBD, Ed Kuepper, Cordrazine, Damien Lovelock, Black Eyed Susans, Abby & Dean (Leonardos Bride), Rebeccas Empire, Danny Widdicombe, Elevation, Jimi Tenor, Soma Rasa, Resin Dogs, Taxi, Ninja Tunes, Starsky & Hutch.

LIVID # 12 - SAT 3RD OCTOBER - RNA SHOWGROUNDS Public Enemy, Pulp, Sonic Youth, Regurgitator, The Living End, Dandy Warhols, Money Mark, The Whitlams, Grinspoon, Jebediah, Custard, Resin Dogs, Luna, Even, Toothfaeries, Weave, Lavish, The MavisÕs, Far Out Corporation, Frank Yamma, Pollen, The Gadflys, Fourplay, Fur, The Sunrize Band, Sprung Monkey, SixFThick, 5678,s, Guttermouth, The Hellacopters, Pitchshifter, Toe To Toe, Nancy Vandal, Underground Lovers, Tiddas, Crow, Tribal Link, Karma County, Broken Head, Robert Forster, Gotacola, Tulipan, Matt Walker & Ashley Davies, Endorphin, Soma Rasa, Preshrunk, The Avalanches, High Pass Filter, 2 Dogz, Matt Kitchon, Sharif, B Boy Seiz, Shade and Shredlock and Michael Buschel